Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Biting my nails

I've been biting my proverbial nails (I'm not a biter) waiting to see how everything is going to unfold.
I've been hesitant to finish up our dossier and send it over, because most likely we aren't going to travel until February, and don't want anything to change between now and then, that would require me to re-submit it.
But, this week, my goal is to get those last few pieces together - and just send it over, in that very small, unlikely chance that everything falls together for us to travel this fall still.
We're submitting an application for a matching grant, and possible no-interest loan to help ensure those last few thousand dollars will be there should we need them.
We're praying that everything will come together just as God would have it, and should Olive need to stay in the orphanage for another 6-8 weeks, or 5 months - that God will protect her, and that He'll help us to trust in His plan...

I am so stressed about leaving our 'other' kids at home while traveling.
We have only gone 1 weekend with out the kids, and missed them every minute - I'm starting to have anxiety about 3 weeks!!!


And patiently waiting... said...

YES, YES I have stressed and prayed and stressed some more!!! Now, that Kristina is having an allergy/asthma attack..makes it worse! God is in control of every little detail! God will hold Olive in his hands..it is so hard to wait, but perservere as the reward will be great!! And you are not alone with your thoughts and concerns! I will pray for you..peace!

Cara and Doug said...

Yes, I cried, I stressed, and cried some more. almost to the point of convincing myself that I was happy with just one kiddo. Once I got off the plane though, everythign changes. You spend your time with your newest daughter. Take your laptop. Install Skype for free. Get someone else to get Skype too so you can talk to your kiddos for free and even see them! That helped us out so much! feel free to e-mail me anytime with your gripes and anxieties....I've been there!

Michele said...

I am so praying for you, that He will move everything in His time. Thinking about leaving my children behind made me ill. Sooo....we are taking ours with us :) Praying for God to show you clearly what to do.
Michele, Adopting Morgan