Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mini Update

Not much of an update, other than to update us that we should get an update soon.
J. has Olive's cardiology appt's notes and is getting them translated.
I'm very happy that we'll be able to see them!
Although we'll be reading the report in English - I'm sure I'll still need help understanding them.

We were expecting to finish our home study tonight, but we are waiting on some paperwork,
and our SW's kids are sick.
So, we're rescheduled until next week.
Hopefully by then we'll have all the paperwork for our home study done, and even more of our dossier requirements done.

We are still trying to raise funds to have all our USCIS application fees.
We're in that in-between time where we've already burned through our savings, and haven't started earning the wedding money yet.

We sent out a blanket for Olive with another family who is adopting from her country.
We are so grateful to Cara for doing that for us.
They're going to see if they're allowed to get a picture of Olive with it. I hope they can!


Cara and Doug said...

Hello from Serbia! I have your blanket for Olive with me and told Jasmina about having it! Today she told me she would love to show us the kids in the orphanage, and she didn't say no when I asked if I could take a picture of Olive with her blanket. It may be next weekend before I get the tour b/c Jasmina isn't working then and has more free time! Just wanted to update you though so you hadn't thought I forgot!

Jessica said...

Ashley! in the congo KK has an olive shirt up, while I only use my diapers ((working on it atleast)) is there anyway I could purchase just an olive shirt?? One for each my girls would be awesome! Please let me know! thanx!

Also, how do I follow your blog I dont see a follow button?!?!

mommaof4wife2r said...

i stopped in after seeing your saving olive button on another blog. must be a god thing...i am an adoptive momma too...and also have 2 bio kids. i will be praying for you all in this journey.