Thursday, February 7, 2008

trading up...

We traded our Kia (little SUV) for a Suburban this past week. It's really nice! We have MORE than enough room, Karl has a nice after-market stereo system, and the best part is 4 wheel drive. I am no longer terrified to drive in snow. But the real best part is that it didn't cost a thing! In fact we got $20 for gas money :)

I started watching two new kids this week. A 7 week old little boy named Myles 1/2 days, and a little boy named William who is Ethan's age (maybe 2 months older) some 1/2 days and some full days and evenings too. That's a total of 7 different kids! Mind you that I don't watch all of them all day every day... I'm a tired lady!
I have been going to bed at like 9:30. I know I'm lame. But you have to do what you've gotta do.

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