Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend at the Amway

This weekend was amazing!
I'll admit it was more exhausting than I anticipated.
But it was so good.
I would definitely recommend the Family Life Today, Weekend to Remember conference to anyone.
We stayed in a Tower Sweet - and it was BEAUTIFUL.
In fact it was the same type of room we had our first two honey-moon nights in, which was cool.
We went on a date to Bentham's - the food was fabulous!
The conference speakers were AMAZING.
And the best part - we got to drop off our kiddo at Nana's for the weekend!
Let me tell you though - Sunday morning I was aching to see my boy so bad, we almost left the conference early.
I got a 3 minute long hug when we picked him up - and it was SO good!
We had an extended check out and didn't leave until this afternoon - and let me tell you I was ready to come home.
I wanted to relax and snuggle my boy!
Turns out he's pretty sick - so we spent the past few hours trying to get him to calm down... not fun.
I think the only time he's stopped crying tonight was when we took a bath.
Poor kiddo.

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