Thursday, October 18, 2007

Baby two..

Third ultrasound today (5th? prenatal appt), and all is well.
They were looking for a specific measurement and couldn't quite get it - so it was literally an hour long!
It was neat, until they angled me way head down attempting to turn the baby. That was interesting. But, anyway no signs of down syndrome, all parts expected to been seen (ie: arms, hands, legs, feet, heat, heart, abdomen) were there, and in working order. 162(?)BPM, and kicking.
The tech said that the baby is calm for gestational age, and that s/he is measuring 4 days ahead.
It doesn't sound like much, but this is when babies start taking off on their own growth pattern, and of course ours is getting a running start at getting big already. Other things we talked about were possibilities of a VBAC. We've decided if the baby is measuring "small enough" (every woman can be different in what they can labor, despite the size of the woman. Knowing that it's not possible for me to labor a baby bigger than 9-9.5lbs) we're definitely going to try a VBAC.
The only other thing threatening that possibility would be that my body doesn't naturally go in to labor before, on, or shortly after my due date - they won't let me go much past because the scar tissue can only handle so much (again like every woman, every scar is different) and they won't risk rupture in a "clotter" like me.
So we're hoping for a small baby, where I go in to labor naturally. But, one thing I've learned with pregnancy via the last time is don't count on anything! Because most likely it will not happen the way you expect/hope/etc.
Other things discussed is that I (probably - can't tell for sure with out non stress tests) have a "hypersensitive" uterus. I'm already having braxton hicks contractions, and yes they are contractions for sure, because of this "hypersensitivity". They didn't explain to me exactly why it would be this way, but just said that it's nothing to worry about as long as I am not having cervical changes, fluid leaks, or bleeding. So, another thing to add to my all too frequent prenatal visits is cervical checks. I'll have my first in 6 weeks. Yay! my favorite. But, luckily they'll do it with ultrasound when I am having ultra sounds to spare me the ever so lovely manual check as much as possible.
I also have sciatica already. Again, not explained to me why so early, but none the less here. I asked for advice on how to handle it, and I got "rest and relaxation". Okay, GREAT. Thanks. So, I think I'll bring it up again with my midwife, and hope she'll be more sympathetic and explanatory. I don't think I can handle shooting leg pain for the next 6 months.
Speaking of, I can't believe that I'm already starting my second trimester. It just shows how much I didn't have to do with my first pregnancy, despite how busy I thought I was. I'm sure if I get pregnant again, I'll say the same about this pregnancy too though... But, everything is well. We got a really cute picture. I hope to scan it when ever we get the scanner hooked up. I have my full diagnostic ultrasound, and "cervical check" in 6 weeks, can't wait!

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