Saturday, October 13, 2007

We've been with out heat for the last two weeks.
Also, big news for us, Ethan is currently spending the weekend at his Grandma "Foxy's", aka my mom's.
(side note, her last name is Brown, we call her Foxy Brown as a joke, hence Grandma Foxy)
I thought I'd be a wreck the second I handed him over, but I'm not.
I'm well, and enjoying the first time alone with my husband in over 9 months!!!
It's fantastic. Not that I don't want to drive down there and snatch him up every second.
But it's nice to have "couple" time.
So, in celebration of HEAT! and our time alone, we're going to The Corner Bar in Rockford for some white chicken chili. I tried it at a benefit for the Christian school system, and never had a chance to actually make it to the restaurant, and have more than the two tablespoons that delighted my tummy before.
So tonight, we're off to enjoy kid-less eating! MMMhhmm

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