Sunday, August 9, 2009

Still Waiting...

Still can't change that title...
Things are taking way longer than I had hoped.
But, I have been feeling God tell me to trust Him in this.
I feel like the timing of donations, and the timing of paperwork is to be very precise.
I have been getting a feeling that something is going to happen, that is going to give me that "ah-ha" moment... and we're going to say "that's why!..."
But, I still can't help but feel anxious that I want to go... and I want to go now.
That, or I want to know what that "thing" is to make the waiting more bearable.
But at last, I wont know until I know... and I suppose that's okay.
But, it's not going to stop me from griping about it ;)


soontobemomof9 said...

Faith in what you can see isn't faith. All through adoption we are called to trust God! Put our faith in Him!

This waiting is harder than I ever thought it would be! Praying for Olive! And you!

MoonDog said...

As I was posting this very same sentiment my daughter came to me wanting something she just couldnt have. And I had to explain that yes I understand she wants it and she wants it now, but there are times you just cant control things and you CANT have it when you want it. and then I was like DOH! this applies to me too! I WANT IT SO BAD! but its out of my control. and I cant always have what I want when I want it. My friend Hiedi used to always tell me Patience is a virtue. Im still working on that. and boy is it hard!