Monday, July 9, 2007

Our first 'firsts'

A lot of firsts, milestones, and awesome things happened/ing this month.
*Ethan can sit like a pro now
*He has cut his first tooth all the way through (hell on earth - literally).
*He is cutting his second tooth!
*He took about 25 seconds worth of sucks on a bottle! (Never did that before)
*He took a few sucks on a sippy cup!
*He's eating "chunky" foods now!
*He's learned that he can lunge, roll, scoot, and do all kinds of funny maneuvers to get around, and get what he wants. He's also popping his knees under, and rocking... crawling soon?! who knows!
*We went back to church for the first time since Ethan was born, and Ethan was left with a "baby sitter" (Baby Bay) for the first time! And 'Nana' watched him for the first time earlier this month. Lots of new things!
*Our backyard neighbors lit off about $3,000 worth of very-illegal, very awesome (huge!) fireworks on the 4th. We weren't going to go because the babe is too small - but they came to us this year!
The next door neighbors say they keep getting bigger every year, so next year we'll have a get-together here.
*One of my favorite, and most exciting things is that I AM GETTING AN iMAC IN THE MAIL TOMORROW!!!! YYYYYEEEAAAAHHHH!
*oh, and we switched insurance providers to AAA and are saving like $100/mo! Yes!
* and we're taking a little vaca at my grandpa/uncle's lake property in two weeks Friday-Sunday! Whoo!
So, any who - God is good! Seriously. We've been obeying and listening to His calls and He's been blessing us beyond our imagination!

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