Saturday, July 14, 2007


So - our house got broken in to this weekend.
We know exactly who did it - and we are pretty sure that we know where he lives, or at least where he's tried selling stuff before.
As he's not the smartest guy - he tried selling us stolen goods before, and our neighbors too.
In fact our neighbor walked with him to his "house" (if he even lives there) where he was trying to sell "brand new dell computers" for $20. Yeah, ok.
Any way - I was in the house when it happened, with the baby. The dogs were getting riled up, but I knew Karl would be pulling in any second with a pizza so I kept them locked in the bedroom with me, thinking it was him. Go, figure it wasn't. And Karl pulled in right as the neighbors saw him running out of hour house with a "VCR" and some other stuff. Well it turns out that he got Karl's XBox, all of his games, our video recorder, and most importantly the tape of Ethan's birth.
Needless to say, we're both pretty shakin' up about it, and I'm absolutely devastated to loose our birth tape. How dare he! And the sad part is that he'll probably just crush the tape and sell the video recorder for $5.
The police came by and took the report. Made two false arrests almost immediately. And if that wasn't enough the cop made Santos (the neighbor) and I get in his car and "just show" him where the guy brought Santos the other day. When we pull up a person open and shuts the door quickly and so the cop jumps out, makes an arrest of some guy who doesn't fit the description at all except that he's got a white shirt on and he's black - and exposes us to the whole group of people who live in that apartment. He makes me tell them the description I gave him, and makes Santos tell them all that he knows the guy who stole my stuff, and the guy who tried selling him the Dell lives there.
Awesome, so now all of those people know where we live, and that we both narked their brother/room-mate/friend/fellow-crime-commiter out to the police.
They got one finger print off of the door, but I'll bet you anything it's mine or Karl's - and justice wont be served via the police system. I just pray God has a hold on this situation. Because it's hard not to be vengeful and bitter. But mostly I'm just grieving the loss of that precious tape.
Any who.... it's been a bad weekend.

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