Monday, August 7, 2006


That’s how I feel anyway, but it’s a good huge! Believe it or not the sore feet and a slight waddle is already here, and we’re just over half way done till our bubby’s here.
Here is the fat chunk-a-love almost 5 months (a few days away):

Karl and I had an eventful week, we had a family reunion, spent a LOVELY day with Collin and Ciara, our puppies got sick (they’re better now), we lost a cat (damn water heater guys), got a new kitten (shut up!), been to the shelters a few times looking for Isabelle, and are slowly getting things crossed off our “to do” list as Karl has been home from work a few days now. This weekend, hopefully we’ll get to see Ashelia and the baby again soon as we have our 3rd ultrasound in about 10 days.
The reunion: (My new "immediate" family anyway)

And here's the new pup:

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