Monday, May 14, 2007

Growing bubs..

So, a lot has been going on - and not much time to write.
Ethan turned 4 months old, and had his 4 month doctor's visit. He was 16lbs 9oz. I couldn't believe it. He's a big guy! We found out that he's well "ahead of the troops" as Doc. Hoffman says, physically.
(Not fat wise, developmentally)
He's starting to roll well, chew on hands and feet endlessly, and even sit up really well in his boppy pillow... One bad thing we found out is that he has Eczema. It's all over his buns, and his cheeks from the wet/dry/wet cycle. But the cortisone cream is helping a lot. Also, something I found equally trivial and exciting is that Doc says to start introducing solids to Ethan. Now before the "mommy police" starts siren-ing, I know you're suppose to wait until 6 months. But, Doc says that with his appetite and his size it'll be hard for me to keep up with his nutritional needs, and says that it won't be detrimental to his system as long as I feed him the "right" foods. Here are some pictures of that fun business!

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