Wednesday, April 18, 2007

dogs, dogs, dogs...

So, we were planning on getting a Bassett, but then found out that the woman was a back yard breeder of sorts, and decided not to go there. So, we find an "accidental breeding" at a farm and decide to buy a cocker/retriever pup from this farmer man. We get the pup home and he's acting a little funny, that night he starts squeezing his belly and moaning, the next morning he is face planting while trying to walk. So, I take him to the vet ASAP, and he died a few hours later :( I was pretty bummed about it.... So, we figure out that he died from being compacted with worms, and decide to tell the farmer to take his other dogs in before it happens to them too. He doesn't seem like he's interested in hearing what we have to say, even though it cost us $300 to have a pup die on us... and so I call animal control on him. The sheriff goes out there, and forces the guy to take his pups to the vet, give us our money back, and give us a new vetted dog for free.... works for me. The first puppy was named Guspatcho (via Karl) and now this new puppy is named Abner (also via Karl). We absolutely love him, he's the most well behaved puppy I've ever seen!

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