Monday, June 26, 2006

The first glimpse!

Karl and I had what we thought was going to be another routine pre-natal appointment, and considering we go every 2 weeks now, we weren't expecting to learn anything new. But, they were having a hard time finding the fetal heart beat, and hadn't been able the last time either. Which I think is some what funny, considering on our Doppler we hear it all the time. Any who, since they haven't been able to hear it yet they were worried that maybe something was wrong and decided to give us a quick ultra sound scan! We actually got to see our little monkey moving and kicking around. It was amazing! The doctor said that if we were only a few weeks further she'd have been able to tell us the sex because s/he was spread eagle! S/he was hanging out upside down for the scan so it was pretty funny to think about. The heart rate is 170, and we got to see him/her rub it's head and kick it legs like crazy. I don't think you could even imagine how cool it is until it's your little bean jumping around. What a wonderful surprise!!!

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