Wednesday, November 23, 2005

House Wife

So, I will officially be a house wife as of November 29th. Yes, that's right. I will no longer be working, but will be taking care of the house, and going to school full time. And I am rediculously excited to be just that!! So, as of that date, I will have significantly more free time, and we should go out to lunch.

Kitty update: I have been feeding about 20 stray cats every day, and i've just recently caught one of the baby kittens. she's about 14 weeks old i would say. and is completely adorable, and unfortunately, unfriendly as well. but i have goals to work with her. i am also attempting to catch the other 3 baby kittens, and a cat karl and i refer to as MAMA. she's pregnant, and will be having kittens any day..

anywho, that's the word on the street.


EDIT: about MAMA cat... yah she is a BOY. a very FAT BOY! so that's his new name. man i'm a chump.

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