Thursday, July 7, 2005

Not Good

I swear, anything bad that can happen to me, will.

Get this:
-I’ve been to the hospital/ER about 4 times in the past month
-in result my paychecks have been tiny
-my mother broke my glasses over this past weekend
-Karl and I were late a half hour, and Karl didn’t shave for our engagement pictures
-The medicine I am on makes me nauseous ALL the time. And puking is my least favorite thing.
I- have only been able to get max 20 hours at work this past week and next week, even after picking up shifts. (because we have 13 freaking hosts)
-Karl and I have over $2,500 worth of bills that have to be paid by July 15th. And well with not getting any hours, there’s no freaking way we’ll be able to make it.
-Karl’s transmission went out last night. There goes another $5-700 dollars.
-we have 3 ½ months give or take till we’re married, and I have about 30% percent of what needs to be done, done. And no money to do it.
-I have a HUGE hole over my bathtub because the people above me flooded out their bathroom, and caused a huge leak into mine. It’s covered in mold, and it’s been that way for a week now.

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