Monday, March 22, 2004

In the hospital...

I just haven't been able to journal on account of being in the hospital.

I was rushed to the emergency room by one of my co-workers around 10am Thursday morning, I think anyhow. My body was attempting to pass an 8mm kidney stone, acompanied by approximately 32 other smaller kidney stones of various sizes.... Needless to say, my kidneys failed miserably.

I was in the hosptial for oh, I don't even know. A couple days. On morphine for the entire length of my visit. Every 8 minutes I'd get a dose, and every 4 hours I would get a "big one" as I liked to call it. AKA a huge shot that would knock me out for a while. I'm not sure really where I'm going with this...

I was in massive amounts of pain... I had some surgery called lithotrypsie or something like that... I peed alot of blood, slept alot.. Apparently I experienced the about the same amount of pain as someone in labor, or some one having a massive heart attack. Luckly I dont remember most of it. We finally convinced them to let me come home, some how.

Karl has spend the last couple days with me... I've been on a lot of drugs since I got home.
The mornings really suck, I hurt alot. I absolutely hate peeing right now.. And I miss karl.

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