Tuesday, June 24, 2003

This is Karl.

i just got finished hanging out with justin and lance, we went to the mall and then to khols, where justin and i found the baggiest pants and jeresey type shirts and tried them on, we looked soooo rediculous, it was awesome.

i dont know what i am going to do next year, lance is leaving for five years, justin is going to africa for a symester. my two best friends are leaving me here in grand rapids, i think i will be sad, depressed, and lonely, man i love looking towards the future.


i love how ducks walk.

im so bored

tomorrow i go to valpo with benny, and i think it will be a good time, he knows a lot of people, and i know none.....a little uncomfortable i think, but i will still have a good time.

im not looking forward to when my friends leave.


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